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STS 484

Internship (1-3 Hours)

STS 484 provides the opportunity for Science, Technology and Society students in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts to earn upper division STS credit for an internship that relates to their degree. Students can complete anywhere from one to three credit hours depending on the number of hours spent at an approved internship site, and completing course assignments that include journal reflections that relate course work to your experience.

This must be an internship and a new experience that has begun recently and is not something that is part of a current job. Also, you may not have any relation to your site supervisor or the organizations owner or any other conflict of interest.

STS 484 is offered in the fall C, spring C, and summer C sessions. All sections of STS484 are graded with a letter grade and do not have a pass/fail option. 

Fall C 2017September 1, 2017
Spring C 2018January 23, 2018
Summer C 2018May 25, 2018

We can offer the following credit hours for hours obtained at the internship site:

Credit HoursTotal Internship Hours
1 credit45 hours
2 credits90 hours
3 credits135 hours

Internship Application Requirements

To apply for your internship, we need ALL of the following:

  • A confirmation letter from your site supervisor on official company letterhead or from their company email, including phone contact information, that indicates when the internship will take place and that they understand you will need to complete the required number of hours based on your enrollment request.

  • The internship site must also complete the Student Placement Agreement.
    • Leave the university signee part blank, but your mentor must sign on behalf of the facility.

    • For the facility portion, the mentor will write in:

      • Facility: name of internship site or company

      • Signed: sign their name (legal signature)

      • Printed: print their name

      • Title: the title they hold at the company or site

      • Start date: The start date should be the first day of classes or the day they sign the agreement (whichever the site prefers)

      • End date: The end date needs to be the last day of the semester or a later date chosen by the site up to 5 years
  • Proposal—Your proposal should be one to two pages in length and must include these three elements:
    • Describe the learning experience you have designed. In other words, describe where your site is and the tasks you will be completing.
    • Demonstrate how your internship site will allow you use your chosen degree
      • What can you learn about your degree at your applied learning site?
      • How can you demonstrate an ability to use learned concepts in the real world?
      • What are the major concepts and theories from classes that you have taken within your core that can be applied to your internship site, and how will you demonstrate a direct correlation between what you’ve learned in the classroom and your given duties and responsibilities?
    • Identify what you expect to learn and gain from this experience and what you have to contribute.

Mail all the above required items to:

Internship Application
c/o Nicholas Maddox
College of Integrative Sciences and Arts 
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 871901
Tempe, AZ 85287-1901


You may drop it off in person to Nicholas Maddox’s attention at one of the Integrative Sciences and Arts offices:

Tempe campus
Urban Systems Engineering (USE), 138

Downtown Phoenix campus
University Center (
UCENT), third floor

Polytechnic campus
Santa Catalina (SANCA), 2nd floor


You may scan and email it to Nicholas.Maddox@asu.edu.


Fax the document to 480-727-6344, attention Nicholas Maddox.

If you have questions, please contact us at 480-965-1970, or email Nicholas.Maddox@asu.edu.