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ASU graduate student Jianhong Zhou, a master’s student in Counseling and Counseling Psychology in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, has been volunteering to help write the life stories of seniors in China for the last five years.

“Life stories not only leave evidence of the existence of the people in stories, they can also empower their readers.,” observes Zhou.

Along the way, he had the chance to write the life story of an everyday U.S. citizen who lived in San Francisco. When Zhou shared the translation with the readers of his blogs, the feedback surprised him: “My readers told me they loved reading it even more than my writings for Chinese seniors!”

 An avocation was born!

“If any of you have an interest in sharing with me your life story, I will translate it into Chinese and post it to my personal blogs,” explains Zhou. “I hope by doing so, your stories can inspire the next Chinese generation and exert a positive impact in the world."

His blog, maintained on a Chinese web platform, uses "smiqua" as its identifier, which, explains Zhou, is a blend of the words "smile" and "quality" (as in a quality product or service). He says the two together can reduce misunderstanding across different cultures.

“This is a non-profit project, and no financial reward will be offered contributors," Zhou says. "However, you will be listed as the original writer or co-writer in my Chinese version. Thank you for considering contributing!”

Below are links to English-language versions of two recent stories:


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About Jianhong Zhou

J Zhou master of counseling student


Jianhong worked in IT as a software engineer and salesperson for 15 years with IBM and with a Chinese company that has a footprint in 40 countries, so he has a good capacity for appreciating different cultures. Unlike traditional students in the social sciences, he brings to his work an educational background in chemical engineering, mathematics, and computer science and may interpret your life from fresh perspectives. He is completing the master of counseling degree at ASU.


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