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Your advisor can help you explore major options, review graduation requirements, verify classes needed to graduate, find necessary resources, and so much more. Make an appointment at 480-965-4464 or visit our advisor directory.   

  • Finding an applied site for BIS 401
  • Meeting the BIS 401 application deadline

Applied Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS 401) can be a remarkable and rewarding experience if you engage in early and active planning and preparation. To help, we offer many online resources and valuable personal support. If you have any questions or needs, please review our online resources and then call 480-965-1970 to make an appointment with our applied studies program coordinator.


To ensure your applied study meets the degree requirement, you must submit a complete application before a published deadline well in advance of beginning IDS 401. The application requires substantial preparation, thought, writing, and a signed contract and cover letter from your mentor. We want to help you begin that process early so you can have a rewarding experience and meet the published deadlines. 


If you have any questions about IDS 401, contact our internship coordinator, Nick Maddox at Nicholas.Maddox@asu.edu, 480-965-1970, or in person in UASB 205 on the Tempe campus. He can help you choose your perfect internship site, deal with issues that may arise during the application process, and narrow down your career possibilities. 

  • Appealing a grade in a Integrative Sciences and Arts core class

Please contact Kelli Haren at (602) 496-0696.
College of Integrative Sciences and Arts grade appeals

  • Appealing a grade for a non-Integrative Sciences and Arts class

Departments, schools, and colleges at ASU have authority over their curriculum and classes. Any requests for exceptions to the concentration area requirements, requests for overrides, and any effort to appeal grades in their classes must be made to the department, school, or college offering the class.

  • Registering for more than the maximum load of classes
  • Requesting an exception to a graduation requirement
  • Taking a class for a third time
  • Not having the required GPA or prerequisite classes to take a Integrative Sciences and Arts core class

Submit a Standards Petition request.

  • A personal crisis that prevents completion of classes this semester

Complete a Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Request.

  • Registering for a Integrative Sciences and Arts class when the section is full

See Override Policies and Procedures.

  • An advising, graduation or registration problem which has not been resolved and needs to be addressed by the director of Integrative Sciences and Arts academic advising

Please contact Therese Aguayo, executive director of academic services, at Therese.Aguayo@asu.edu  

  • Any other problem or concern that needs to be resolved

Please contact Kelli Haren, program manager, at kelli.haren@asu.edu or 480-727-6782.

  • Frustrated beyond belief?

Please contact Duane Roen, dean of the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, at duane.roen@asu.edu or 480-727-6513.

  • Any issue not addressed above?

We try to anticipate your needs, but your question may not be listed. Email or call 480-965-1970, we will answer your questions, address your concerns, or direct you to the most appropriate resource or person.