LatinX + 1

hundreds of colorful Ojo de Dios crafts displayed hanging outdoors

LatinX + 1 creates conversations about Latinx for Latinx, among Latinx, with Latinx people + 1

Missing a sense of belonging? LatinX +1 is a space where Latinx students like you can feel heard and understood, a space where people get you.

What do we share? Open conversations about everything and anything Latinx-related. We also share cultural outings and picks of the week. We share stories, ask for advice and help each other.

The +1 concept means that, if we wish, we get to invite a +1 just to chat and share experiences among each other and among people with different experiences, hoping that we can create dialogue and understanding. This is a space to build bridges, a space where everybody is recognized. We welcome questions that allow other people to understand us better and for us to understand others better.

This is a space to speak our cultures and share them in Spanish, English or Spanglish.

We want to hear from you, and we would like to share cultural adventures, attending different events and organizing our own. 

Invite your ASU friends and alumni who would like to join us for LatinX +1 weekly virtual meetings and ask them to invite others. We'll plan face-to-face events once or twice a semester. Please, help us find each other!

Faculty of Languages and Cultures, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Professor Lorena Cuya Gavilano
Thursdays, 8:30-9:30 p.m.; Nov. 18, Nov. 25, Dec. 2

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