Mixed Tears

Delena Humble-Fischer

The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication invites the ASU community to attend the capstone defense by Delena Humble-Fischer, who is completing the MA in Narrative Studies at ASU Polytechnic campus.

Humble-Fisher's capstone is a testimonio of the process she has gone through in confronting, unpacking and understanding her mixed-race identity. In this project, she details the difficult unlearning process as a white Chicana and explores the ways she has perpetuated harm due to that privilege. Dealing with colorism, white supremacy and nuanced conversations about identity negotiation, this project is a culmination of years of personal and academic work. 

Delena Humble-Fischer's primary research interests include Latinx/Chicanx identity negotiation, ethical story representation and genre bending. During her time at ASU, she has served as the primary research assistant to New York Times bestselling author Professor Jewell Parker Rhodes.  

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication, CISA
Vanessa Fonseca Chávez, Assistant Professor

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