Integration of Non-Lethal Techniques and Technologies in Fisheries Research

ASU researchers gently release shark into ocean from boat

ASU professor James Sulikowski and his laboratory of undergraduate and graduate students are dedicated to advancing our knowledge  and conservation of  sharks and other fish species. His interdisciplinary research integrates ecophysiology, telemetry and ultrasound imaging to better understand the impacts of anthropogenic stress and climate change on species and populations. 

In this College of Integrative Sciences and Arts presentation, part of the Science and Mathematics Colloquium Series, Sulikowski addresses innovative non-lethal methods and techniques for fisheries research.

His work has resulted in 94 peer-reviewed publications and more than $13 million in external grant funding. His work has been featured widely on media, including "Rise of Animals,” "Ocean Mysteries,” Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and "Nat Geo Wild."

Dr. Sulikowski holds a masters’ degrees in marine biology and physiology as well as a PhD in zoology. 

Photo credit: Tanya Houppermans,

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