Getting the Facts Straight: One Journalist's Experience

newspaper with the word truth on it

In a world where facts are debated and some shout about “fake news,” Americans often wonder: What do journalists get right? What safeguards and codes of ethics are in place to make sure this happens? What happens when reporters make mistakes or even make up stories?

Accomplished reporter Bob Ortega shares his story of a career devoted to trying to get the facts straight despite challenges and some public accusations of an opportunistic, dishonest mainstream media.

What is expected of journalists in terms of accuracy and what does Ortega do as a reporter to tell the truth as best he knows it? Join us and find out, in this presentation that is part of the Social Science Colloquium series in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at ASU Polytechnic campus.

Faculty of Social Science, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Alden Weight
Applied Arts Pavilion, Black Box Theater, Room 110
Polytechnic campus

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