Progressive Pedagogy: Reflective Writing

ASU vice provost and dean Duane Roen will present Reflective Writing workshop for ASU Progressive Pedagogy series

Join Vice Provost Duane Roen, dean of the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, and University College, for a conversation and hands-on activity focused on reflective pedagogy. We will talk about some strategies and questions for reflecting on our teaching practices and identities, and then we will spend a little time writing about what we have accomplished this semester and how we can enhance our teaching in future semesters. Everyone will be invited to share their impromptu reflective writing with the group — if they wish.

This session can also be attended virtually via Vidyo linkup at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus in room 317 of the University Center building (UCENT), or remotely via Vidyo link on your computing device.

Email with questions or for Vidyo access

ASU Success Courses, University College
Corinne Corte, director
Computing Commons, room 120
Tempe campus

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