Progressive Pedagogy: Using Presentation Software in Sound Ways

ASU faculty member and students in active learning

PowerPoint's use in higher education has been under fire lately, with critics asking enthusiastically for the banning of PowerPoint in lectures because, as one author in The Conversation wrote, “it makes students more stupid and professors more boring.” 

Like any technological tool, PowerPoint and, more generally, any presentation software can be effective or ineffective, depending on how it is used.

Marie-Louise Paulesc, lecturer in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts and teacher in the LEAD program,  will review a variety of presentation software to de-center PowerPoint as a unique presentation tool; demonstrate lesser-used features of PowerPoint to show the tool’s potential beyond our stereotypical image of the static PPT slides; and discuss how PowerPoint can be integrated in the classroom in ways that are pedagogically sound, meet students’ needs, and create a student-centered, interactive classroom environment.

This session can also be attended virtually via Vidyo linkup at the Downtown Phoenix campus in room 317 of the University Center building (UCENT), or remotely via Vidyo link on your computing device.

Email with questions or for Vidyo access.

ASU Success Courses, University College
Corinne Corte, director
Computing Commons, room 120
Tempe campus

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