Community, Compassion and Creation: Social Activism and Documentary Filmmaking


Thurs., Sept. 13, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Location:  Cronkite 128

Campus: Downtown Phoenix campus

Price: Free

What does it mean to live in somebody else's shoes? When we meet someone new, how do we encounter them as individuals and really listen to them, rather than mapping all of our background, preconceptions and identity onto them? When we see interesting stories in the world that aren't being told, how might we respectfully share them?

Arizona documentary filmmakers Matty Steinkamp and Pita Juarez (an alumna of ASU's Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication) and ASU writing instructor Michael Pfister lead a discussion meant to get you thinking about these questions as well as your own identity and story. Steinkamp and Juarez will share clips from their soon-to-be-released documentary,"You Racist, Sexist, Bigot." A panel of individuals who were featured in or consulted on the film, including musician Camille Sledge, ASU School of Social Transformation Faulty Associate Angeles Maldanado and ASU journalism student Carmen Marquez from Radio Camposina, will enrich the conversation.  

"In documentary filmmaking there's a history of discomfort," noted Pfister, who has taught English in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts on ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus for eight years and whose interests are rooted in multidisciplinary work that is inclusive of composition, music, cultural studies and digital culture. "Often we need to feel uncomfortable in order to change. Documentaries are powerful vehicles for sharing stories and bringing to light interesting and important stories that aren't being told. Matty and Pita are especially excited about working with college students, recognizing how their own connections with artists inspired them during their college years."

This Humanities Lecture marks the start of several related conversations and events being planned for the academic year, Pfister said, including an ASU film screening of "You Racist, Sexist, Bigot."

The annual Humanities Lecture Series in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts provides opportunities at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus to analyze, discuss and interpret current research and events in public discussions that help us understand and appreciate various points of view on political, social and cultural issues. 

Department:  Faculty of Languages and Cultures, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts



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