Sustaining Ocean Life: Understanding the Behavior of Fishers for Resource Management

Commercial fishers on boat study data on laptop

Understanding and quantifying the behavior of fishers is important when assessing and managing natural resources. For ocean fisheries, the dynamics of fish population biology, harvester behavior and fisheries management decisions are intertwined in determining the income of the fishing industry and the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Various quantitative and qualitative methods have been used to collect information on the behavior of fishers. Using case studies, ASU Associate Professor Steve Saul will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of three of these methods: questionnaires, discrete choice models and agent-based models. The agent-based Poseidon model of ocean fisheries will be discussed to demonstrate how discrete choice modeling and questionnaires can be used with agent-based models to help scientists understand how the dynamics of fishers, fish populations and regulatory structures interact. 

About Steven Saul

Professor Steven Saul joined ASU's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts in 2016, one of the few marine ecologists to end up in the desert. 

After earning a doctorate in marine biology and fisheries at the University of Miami, Steve Saul worked as a research fisheries assessment biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Miami, conducting stock assessments on commercially important reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico and advising regional management bodies. He then worked as a senior research scientist at Nova Southeastern University, contributing to the Global Reef Expedition by using remotely sensed, ground-truthed data to develop depth elevation and habitat maps of coral reefs for resource managers in Small Island Developing States.

His current research involves developing agent-based models for the reef fish fishery in the Gulf of Mexico, developing generalized agent-based modeling software to test proposed fisheries management interventions and quantifying coral reef resilience and health. 

Faculty of Science and Mathematics, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Professor Fábio Suzart de Albuquerque
Wed., August 29, 2018, 3 p.m.
Student Union, Cooley Ballroom B
Polytechnic campus

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