The Spookiness of the Quantum World

Mathematical equations on chalkboard

Physics professor Maxim Sukharev has always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.

“I wondered, would it ever be possible to comprehend the vastness of the cosmos or the weird relativity tricks the time-space fabric plays on us, think time dilation and black holes. Nothing flabbergasted me more than my first encounter with quantum mechanics and its elegant mathematical beauty,” Sukharev said.

In this lecture, Sukharev shares his never-ending fascination with the quantum world, discussing wave-particle duality, the correspondence principle, entanglement, quantum eraser, the uncertainty principle, many-worlds interpretation, the Schrodinger’s cat paradox and more using general principles (without any mathematics). He promises to turn your worldview upside down!

About the Speaker:
Professor Sukharev joined Arizona State University as an assistant professor in 2008. His expertise is in the research fields of quantum optics of materials, fundamental properties of light-matter interactions and computational electrodynamics. His awards include visiting chairs and fellowships and scholarships in France, Brazil, Israel and with the U.S. Air Force.  

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Maxim Sukharev
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