Critically Reflective Teaching

Teacher and students enjoying interacting in mediated classroom

Most teachers want to make a positive impact. We want students to leave our classrooms with broadened perspectives, deeper understanding and more knowledge than before we taught them. Good teachers think about their practice and how to become even better at it. One important facet of professional development involves critically reflective teaching. Critically reflective teaching is “the sustained and intentional process of identifying and checking the accuracy and validity of our teaching assumptions” (Brookfield, 2017, p. 3).

Teachers who wish to grow in their practice and develop professionally are the target audience for this progressive pedagogy workshop, to be led by Robin Wolpinsky, instructor in UNI Success Courses @ ASU.

The Progressive Pedagogy Series is organized for the greater ASU teaching community by UNI Success Courses @ ASU, a unit of Arizona State University's University College. In these professional development workshops, presenters draw from progressive pedagogical (ProPed) techniques, designed to support student success and retention.

Photo by Sandra Leander.

College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Alicia Hayden
Santan Hall, room 330R
Polytechnic campus

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