Progressive Pedagogy: Implicit and Explicit Bias

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UNI Success faculty invite the Arizona State University community to attend its spring 2017 series of professional development workshops that draw from progressive pedagogical (ProPed) techniques, which are designed to support student success and retention.

Stuart Rhoden, instructor in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts and University College, leads this Feb. 22 session on implicit and explicit bias and how it influences our students and us as teachers, in the classroom and beyond.

Rhoden earned his doctorate in urban education from Temple University and his teaching credential in secondary education from UCLA. He is originally from Chicago, where he graduated and taught at the University of Chicago Laboratory School for four years. In addition, he was a small school coordinator and AP history teacher for four years at a public high school in South Central Los Angeles. 

Course Coordinator, UNI Success Courses @ ASU
Amanda Voigt
Santa Catalina Hall, room 360, Polytechnic campus
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