History Pop-up Museum at Poly

ASU Polytechnic campus History Pop-up Museum Nov. 15 will include exhibits on engineering disasters and many other topics

More than 45 displays curated by students from 10 different history courses at ASU’s Polytechnic campus will be showcased Tuesday, Nov. 15, in the fall History Pop-up Museum, sponsored by the history faculty in Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

Professor Eric Nystrom’s students in the course History of Engineering have organized displays about disasters in engineering, including:  

  • Fukushima
  • USS Thresher
  • Bhopal
  • RMS Titanic
  • Exxon Valdez
  • Apollo 1
  • Bay Bridge collapse in the Loma Prieta earthquake
  • Columbia Space Shuttle
  • St. Francis Dam  
  • Avondale Colliery fire
  • Space Shuttle Challenger explosion  

Students taking courses in environmental history, scientific controversies, Vietnam War history, history of the American West, Arizona history, and aviation history are also participating. So are senior history majors, who will present their capstone theses in dynamic ways.

“Aviation history students are building displays on rockets, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raids, and the Wright Flyer,” noted Valerie Adams, senior lecturer in modern American and diplomatic history.

“This free event is appropriate for all ages and everyone is welcome!” Adams said.


Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communications, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Valerie Adams
ASU Polytechnic campus, Tues., Nov. 15, 10 am - 3 pm
Cooley Ballroom, Student Union, Polytechnic campus
Polytechnic campus

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