Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and Policies in Arizona Archives

Maricopa County Organizing Project information flyer from the ASU archives

This presentation by Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell, archivist and librarian of ASU’s Chicano/a Research Collection, will highlight archival material from the ASU Chicano/a Research Collection. It will also focus on important events and policies in Arizona’s immigration history and how the Bracero Program (1940s-1950s), Hanigan Case (1976), Arizona Farm Worker Movement (1970s-1980’s), and SB 1070 (2010) affected the Mexican and Mexican American communities.

This event closes out the fall portion of ASU's 2016-2017 Humanties Lecture Series, organized by Mirna Lattouf, principal lecturer in the faculty of language and cultures, College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. 

The Humanities Lecture Series provides the Downtown Phoenix community with opportunities to analyze, discuss, and interpret current research and events through public discussions that help us understand and appreciate various points of view on political, social, and cultural issues.


College of Integrative Sciences and Arts
Mirna Lattouf
Thursday, Nov. 10, 6:30 - 8 pm
Cronkite Building, Room 128, Downtown Phoenix campus
Downtown Phoenix campus

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