Healing Racism Series: Race and Education

The U.S. education system has rampant problems and more than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, school systems in the United States continue to be separate and unequal. Gaping differences for students of color have created an education system that does not serve its children properly. Zero-tolerance discipline policies, gaps in achievement, disparate access to resources along with biased political agendas foster inequalities.

Engage with experts, community leaders, students, and peers as we examine disparities in education and learn how to impact systems that do not prioritize equal education for all students.

This is the final forum in a series addressing the theme of "Difficult Dialogues."


About the Healing Racism Committee:

The Healing Racism Committee facilitates public dialogues concerning current events and topics related to racism, Arizona communities and American society. Discussions are designed to bring together academic experts, community leaders, and citizens for engaging dialogues that encourage critical thinking and positive change.

Center for the Study of Race & Democracy
Mesa Community College - Navajo Room
Mesa Community College - Navajo Room
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