Healing Racism Series: Muslim Mythbusters

Collage of diverse Muslims

Muslims in the United States, and around the world, are subjected to negative stereotyping. Often presented as terrorists, barbaric, uncivilized, promoters of violence and oppressors of women, Muslims have become targets by those who misunderstand their faith and culture. This portrayal perpetuated by mainstream media and supported by structural racism, has led to pervasive myths that continue to hurt all communities.

Join the Healing Racism Committee and engage with experts, students, members of the Muslim community and peers as we examine common myths and explore truths through dialogue and interactive discussions.

This is the fourth forum addressing the theme of "Difficult Dialogues."

About the Healing Racism Committee:

The Healing Racism Committee facilitates public dialogues concerning current events and topics related to racism, Arizona communities and American society. Discussions are designed to bring together academic experts, community leaders, and citizens for engaging dialogues that encourage critical thinking and positive change.

Sponsored by:  Maricopa Community Colleges and ASU Downtown Student Engagement


Center for the Study of Race & Democracy
A.E. England Building, ASU Downtown Phoenix
A.E. England Building, ASU Downtown Phoenix
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