Latin American Cinema: Meanings, Symbols and Messages

Images from Latin American cinema

Eduardo A. Caro Meléndez presents the first lecture in the spring 2016 installment of the ASU College of Integrative Sciences and Arts' Humanities Lecture Series.

Dr. Caro, who is on the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, will use salient, current examples from the Latin American film industry to focus on a discussion of "new" forms of (re)presentation of cultural realities and voices that had historically and traditionally been ignored or left out in the construction of national socio-cinematic identities. He'll also discuss what these trends from Latin America have to do with film production in the United States and what role they (can) play in American academia — especially in the promising and growing field of English/Spanish for Specific Purposes, in which Caro is among the leaders internationally.

The Humanities Lecture Series, held on ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus, provides a forum for public discussions that help us understand and appreciate various points of view on political, social and cultural issues. 

Mirna Lattouf
Health North, Room 110, Downtown Phoenix campus
Health North, Room 110, Downtown Phoenix campus
Downtown Phoenix campus

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