Major and Career Exploration

Major and Career Exploration

Take the Kuder

The Kuder Career Interests Assessment is an interest assessment. Interest assessments help people match interests with careers.  Research have shown that a career that match with an individual’s interests predicts persistence and success!

Preparing for the Kuder

We have customized your Kuder results to connect to majors at ASU that you may want to explore.

  • The Kuder Career Planning System will ask about your interests, skills, and priorities.
  • The results help clarify self-understanding and generate additional options.
  • Allow an hour to take the three-part Kuder Inventory; about 20 minutes for the interest portion.
  • You can stop and save while taking the inventory or complete all three assessments in a single session. There are no right or wrong answers; because this inventory is about you, it is best to be very honest in your responses.
  • The Kuder is one tool you can use to help you with your career planning process. However, it does not say “What I should be” or “What I should major in.” This will provide some careers you might want to consider and some possibilities to explore.
  • The results are linked to ASU majors that relate to your interests so that you can narrow down the majors you will want to explore further!

Login Instructions

Please follow the login instructions below to begin using the Kuder Career Planning System.

  • Go to
  • New users register by selecting New Users.
  • Create a unique user name and password (be sure to write down your user name and password for future reference).

Copy and paste the appropriate J Code for the inventory you plan to take. 

Kuder Journey Code -  J4344592VBJ

  • Select your education level (if you are a high school student, select college freshman to view the college planning results).
  • Select your language preference.
  • Click START!
  • Once you have completed the assessments, you can view your results and use the website to explore options.

IMPORTANT: Select the assessment results for Kuder Career Interest Assessment, scroll down to connect to ASU Majors that fit your RIASEC code and explore further!