Major and Career Exploration

Explore Who I Am

explore who i am

Consider Interests, Values, and Personality

Make a list of your occupational daydreams. What do you really enjoy? What motivates you?

What are the unique characteristics that make up who you are as a person? 

  • What does being successful mean to you?
  • What are your most important life values (e.g., flexible hours, making a difference, salary, stability, prestige, etc.)?
  • What are your preferred work tasks and environment?


Self Assessments can help clarify aspects of you that relate to particular majors and careers.

The Kuder Career Assessment is an interest inventory that points you to ASU majors to consider based on your interests.

You can determine which ASU majors you may want to explore based on RIASEC codes that interest you most.

The me3 assessment is an app and online interactive major and career exploration tool that fits your interests and passions with majors and careers.

You can also determine which ASU majors you may want to explore based on National Career Clusters, or broad job domains, that interest you most.

ASU Career Services provides access to additional self-exploration exercises through the Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS):

Username: asucareer
Password: 4azcis02