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Choosing a Major

Choosing a major is a thoughtful process and the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts offers resources to help you make a successful transition to declaring a major.

At ASU you'll be exposed to exciting fields of inquiry you may never have considered (or even heard of!) before. How to choose the major that's the best fit for you?

You'll take classes in one of four exploratory tracks, giving you the chance to take a range of specialty courses within a broad area. Your home college while you're an Exploratory student will be the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, and your exploratory experience will be anchored by three major and career exploration courses offered by University College, where you'll be guided in learning more about your unique interests, skills and abilities through assessment and research. 

We also have residential communities to help you connect with like-minded students and find peer support during your time at ASU — during your exploratory stage and beyond!

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