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Interdisciplinary Studies Core Courses: 301

IDS 301 Becoming Interdisciplinary

Course Description

The history of interdisciplinarity and methods of integrating knowledge and insights from multiple perspectives.

Prerequisites to Enroll in IDS 301

Prerequisite(s): Interdisciplinary Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies (Organizational Studies) major


IDS 301 Course Descriptions

Matthew Rodgers

This course introduces concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study by critically examining anticipated 21st-century workplace and civic trends. This semester, we will explore interdisciplinarity and integration in academic contexts. IDS 301 is the first component of the IDS core, providing you an opportunity to explore, study, read and discuss how innovative solutions are often the product of interdisciplinary work. Success in IDS 301 will serve not only as a benchmark in your major, but will also provide you with some basic tools for future professional success.

Dave Thomas

IDS 301 has a strong focus on transferable interdisciplinary contemporary workplace skills.  We do a lot of team activities, explore integration through research on relevant disciplinary perspectives, the use of analogical thinking in interdisciplinary creativity, integrative team skills, and interdisciplinary team leadership.

Paul Cassell

IDS 301 will introduce you to integrative thinking, the most fundamental and important skill in interdisciplinary studies. You will learn how integrative thinking works, practice using it, and see how widely it applies to innovation and problem-solving in a variety of settings. You will also get a sense of the history, importance, and ‘place’ of interdisciplinary work in higher education, and grow in your familiarity with your chosen concentration areas.

Michael Feyrer

Introduces students to concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study. Examines modern workplace and civic trends, academic disciplinary dynamics, and practical applications of interdisciplinarity in local and global issues. Through clear, contemporary readings, discussions and exercises, IDS 301 develops student abilities to define interdisciplinarity, and to identify and explore integrative opportunities and innovative ideas.


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