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Join us in our work to help individuals reach their full potential and enrich our communities

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With your support through Campaign ASU 2020, more students will be able to identify and pursue their unique pathways. More students will gain the expertise and confidence they need to reach their personal and professional potential.

What your giving does

Campaign ASU 2020, together our potential is limitless

 Bridging Success for Foster Youth

Be part of the ASU family that supports foster youth as they pursue their life dreams and a college degree. The Bridging Success Early-Start program offers foster youth the opportunity to begin their ASU experience in a safe and welcoming community. Students move in early, form a cohesive community, and get immediately connected to a safety net of support, tools and resources that ease their transition.

“It provides a sense of community and it gives me a place to fit in,” says Breanna Carpenter ’19, who helped found a student club that grew out of her Bridging Success early-start experience. “I’m surrounded by people who have the same values and the same mission. They have the same background so they understand the obstacles…but they’re here with me. That encourages me to show others they can get here.”


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The Counselor Training Center

There is a great need for counseling that helps people cope with stress and emotional difficulties that interfere with work and school, social life, and relationships. Help ASU’s Counselor Training Center increase its capacity to offer low-cost counseling for ASU students, faculty, staff, and the larger community. The center also gives counselors—graduate students working toward master’s or doctoral degrees—significant clinical experience in counseling and counseling psychology, supervised by faculty who are licensed counselors.


ASU Campaign 2020, Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Become an architect of change! Help secure a consistent level of funding to bring high-caliber speakers to the signature Delivering Democracy Lecture, which draws a diverse audience of thousands annually. You can also support the year-round work of the center to organize meaningful, solutions-focused community conversations around race and democracy in the region and beyond.