Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered (LGBTQ) people play important roles as colleagues, clients, parents, children, siblings, neighbors, employees and employers, religious leaders, and friends. Given the increasing visibility and changing political climate for LGBT people in the United States, all students—not only those who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender—are served well by learning about the histories, communities, and contemporary social issues regarding people from LGBT backgrounds. The educational experience is enhanced when students are introduced to complex intersections between and among sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, geographic, and national identities. The philosophy of this concentration is to promote intellectual and pedagogical diversity as one of the university’s greatest assets, in part by instilling in students sensitivity to cultures different from their own, but also through careful analysis of the self in historical, artistic, and sociocultural contexts.

The goals of the LGBT concentration are to give students knowledge about specific lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities; knowledge about the history and maintenance of the category, lesbians and gay men; theoretical perspectives on heterosexuality as a presumptive sexual identity; an understanding of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies as an academic area of inquiry; an understanding of community politics, dynamics, and conflicts; use-inspired education that culminates in a public presentation; and practical experience in utilizing course work knowledge in the community through an internship or community service project.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours which includes 12 upper division hours for this concentration.
  • A minimum 12 hours must be taken ASU.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher.
  • * Course requires a minimum cumulative GPA 2.50 for enrollment.
  • ** Course requires Prerequisites: ENG 200 and one other 200-level Literature course with C or better.
  • More information about this concentration and elective courses cls.asu.edu/lgbt/ 

Introduction 3 Hours Required

*** 194 (SWU) Special Topics: Introduction to LGBT Studies

OR SWU 180 Introduction to LGBT Studies (3) (Credit is allowed for only SWU 180 or 194 (Introduction to LGBT Studies))

Capstone 3 Hours Required
Select in consultation with an LGBT advisor.

See LGBT Advisor for details.

Electives 12 Hours Required
Select in consultation with an LGBT advisor.
Choose elective courses from the following:

AFR 375 Race, Gender and Sport, SB & C, (3)

AFR 394 / JUS 394 / WST 394 Gender and Hip Hop (3)

JUS 394 Sexuality and Social Justice (3)

APA 210 Introduction to Ethnic Studies in the U.S., C (3)

APA 330 Asian Pacific American Genders and Sexualities, SB & C (3) (Credit allowed for only APA 330 or WST 331)

APA 345 Asian Pacific Americans in Film, HU & C & H (3)

ARS 485/585 Women in the Visual Arts, L (3) (Prerequisites: ARS 101, & ARS 102; credit for ARS 585 or ARS 485)

ASB 210 Human Sexuality: Anthropological Perspectives, SB & G (3)

ASB 346 Marriage and Family Diversity, SB & C (3)

BIS 350 Diversity and Organizations (Student must choose LGBT focus with instructor, and then get approved and placed by advisor)

BIS 470 Seeking Self and Identity, L or HU (3)

COM 316 Gender and Communication, SB & C (3)*

COM 421 Rhetoric in Social Movements, HU (3)* (Prerequisites: COM 308 or COM 309 C or better; COM 321 or 323 C or better)

COM 442 Identity, Performance, and Human Communication (3)* (Prerequisites: COM 225 or COM 241 with D or better)

COM 494 Gender in the Media (3)

ENG 345/453** Selected Authors/Issues: Transgender and Intersex Literature and Film

ENG 440 Sexuality, HU (3)

ENG 454 Gender and Literature, L or HU (3)

FAS 264 Gender and Society, SB & C (3)

FAS 332 Human Sexuality, SB (3)

FAS 498 Transgender Youth and Families (3)

FMS 508 Race and Gender in American Film (3)

HST 364 Sex and Society in Modern Europe, (L or SB) & H (3)

JUS 427 Identity and Justice, L (3)

JUS 435 Cinema and Justice (Prerequisites: Minimum 36 hours; Minimum 2.00 GPA)

MIC 314 HIV/AIDS: Science, Behavior, and Society (3)

SST 494 Transformational Leadership and Embodied Activism (3)

SWU 291 Social Service Delivery Systems (3) (Prerequisites: PGS 100, PGS 101, SOC 101 or SOC 301; Pre/Co-requisites: SWU 171 with a C or better if completed)

SWU 374 Diversity and Oppression, C (3) (Pre/Co-requisite: SWU 310 with C or better if completed)

SWU 461 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Issues, C (3)

THE 494 Queer Plays and Films (3)

WST 100 Women, Gender, and Society, SB & C (3) (Credit is only allowed for WST 100 OR 300)

WST 294 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, SB & C (3)

WST 300 Women and Gender in Contemporary Society, SB & C (3) (Prerequisite: 30 min hours; credit allowed for WST 300 or 100)

WST 313 Women and Sexuality, SB (3) (Prerequisite: 30 minimum hours)

WST 335 Lost in Space: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Science Fiction (3)

WST 380 Race, Class, and Gender, SB & C (3) (Prerequisites: WST 100 or 300 C or better; Min 6 upper-division hours; Credit is allowed for only WST 350 or 380)

WST 460 Women and the Body (SB & C) (3)

WST 470 Gender and Popular Culture (HU & C) (3)

WST 477 Women and Violence (SB & C) (3)

All Interdisciplinary Studies students are required to complete a 12 credit hour core.

BIS 301, BIS 302 and BIS 402 courses require:

  • A meeting with your academic advisor to:
    Ensure both of your concentration areas have been declared
    Are working towards completing (or have completed) 1-2 courses in each declared concentration

  • One course meeting general studies MA requirement
  • ENG 102 or ENG 105 or ENG 108 or First Year Composition Completed
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA

Required Courses (12 credit hours):

BIS 301 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies, L (3)

BIS 302 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better

BIS 401 Applied Interdisciplinary Studies (3) (requires application)
     Prerequisites: BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better; Minimum of two courses completed in each concentration area

BIS 402 Senior Seminar, L (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better

For important information, additional major requirements, course descriptions, and application deadlines: Interdisciplinary Studies Core Courses

For assistance in selecting your concentration areas of study complete the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration workshop: Interdisciplinary Studies Pre-Advising Workshop

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  • Courses may fulfill Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) or Associate’s degree requirements, consult with your community college academic advisor for details.
  • MCCCD course transfer equivalencies are listed here; they may be applied toward this concentration (maximum of six credits or two courses).
  • Information listed was current for this catalog year at the time of printing, consult transfer.asu.edu/maricopa for verification.






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