Geography (Geographic Information Science)

The geographic information science (GIS) concentration is a structured interdisciplinary program. It is built on GIS course work currently being taught at ASU. Students who earn the concentration exit the program with standardized skill sets based on learning outcomes associated with each required course.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 23 credit hours including 12 of upper division hours for this concentration.
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.00) or higher.
  • A minimum 12 hours must be taken in courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • To enhance the understanding of the subject matter, the selected courses are sequential in nature and require certain prerequisites. Consequently, students should carefully note the semester in which any of these courses are offered.
  • *Prerequisite(s): Minimum 45 hours.

Core 17 Hours Required

CSE 100 Principles of Programming with C++, CS (3)


CSE 110 Principles of Programming with Java, CS (3)


CST 100 Object-Oriented Software Development (3)

GIS 470 OR GCU 495 Quantitative Methods in Geography, CS (3) (Prerequisites: MAT 119, 170, 210 or 270)

GIS 205 OR GPH 370 Geographic Information Technologies, CS (3)

GIS 211 OR GPH 373 Geographic Information Science I, CS (4) (Prerequisites: GPH 370 with C or better)

GIS 311 Geographic Information Science II, CS (4)

OR  GPH 473 Geographic Information Science II, CS (3) (Prerequisites: GPH 373 with C or better)

Electives 3 hours
Select elective course from the following:

GCU 361 Urban Geography, SB (3)

GCU 441 Economic Geography, SB (3)

GCU 442 Geographical Analysis of Transportation, SB (3)

GCU 474 Public Land Policy, SB (3)

GPH 484 Internship: GIS-Based (3)

GIS 484/PUP 484 Internship: GIS Based

Electives 3 hours
Select elective course from the following:

GIS 341 OR GPH 371 Introduction to Cartography and Georepresentation, CS (3)*

GIS 351 OR GPH 372 Air Photo Interpretation (3)*

GIS 441 OR GPH 471 Geographics: Interactive and Animated Cartography and Geovisualization, CS (3)*

GIS 471 Geographic Information Analysis (3) (Prerequisite: GIS 470)

OR  GPH 483 Geographic Information Analysis (3) (Prerequisite: GIS 470)

All Interdisciplinary students are required to complete a 12 credit hour core.

All core courses require:

  • Two courses completed in each concentration area
  • Activation of BIS eligibility student group by a BIS advisor
  • One course meeting general studies MA requirement
  • ENG 102 or ENG 105 or ENG 108 or First Year Composition Completed
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA

Required Courses (12 credit hours):

BIS 301 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies, L (3)

BIS 302 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better

BIS 401 Applied Interdisciplinary Studies (3) (requires application)
     Prerequisites: BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better

BIS 402 Senior Seminar, L (3)
     Prerequisite(s): BIS 301 with C or better; BIS 302 with C or better

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