Student Ambassadors

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Rida Zaidi

Major: Applied Biological Sciences, minor in Medical Studies
Ambassador since: September 2020


Interned with a pediatric cardiologist and shadowed his day to day activities for 135 hours during summer 2019; shadowed a podiatrist at his practice during summer 2020. I’m currently a research assistant in Dr. Charbonneau's ant lab at Tempe campus. As a last-semester senior, I’m currently studying for the MCAT and putting my med school application together. 


What I love most about being a student ambassador:

I have experience and done research on what med schools want to see on your application— especially in regards to volunteering, interning and work experiences. If you would like assistance in these areas and would like to know where to get started to build your extracurricular activities, I'd love to help!

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