Student Ambassadors

Read about the range of experiences and interests CISA ambassadors bring to their mentoring role. 

Mason Stewart


Major: Organizational Leadership (Project Management) 

Ambassador since: September 2020



I’m working as a project assistant with the LEAD Program, a one-year success course that helps incoming freshmen get acclimated to college. I am a military brat and have never lived in the same place longer than four years. With that, traveling is just in my lifestyle. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada; then moved to Alaska, then Germany, then Belgium; after that I moved back to America, to Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduating I moved straight to Tempe for college. I’ve lived here four years and I’m on track to graduate in four years (see a pattern?). Some places I’ve visited that I love are Montreal, Paris and Sao Paulo. I really enjoy music, dancing, fashion, art, interior design, movies, video games, working out, and hiking. I also have a love for tattoos but do not have any yet. Connect with me at on LinkedIn @


Future Plans:

I am focused on getting my degree and working toward my ultimate goal, which is to earn up to $100,000 a month. I know I have a lot I need to do to get to those numbers, but I have more than faith that I will get there. 

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