Leadership and Integrative Studies

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A diverse community of leaders, teachers and scholars engaging with a diverse and inclusive student body co-creating an exemplary educational experience.

Our dedication to developing and employing integrative frameworks to incorporate new disciplines and knowledge areas positions us to inhabit a unique space in the university, with partnerships throughout the university and the world. We create robust evolving programs, preparing people to contribute to solving the complex issues impacting the communities and organizations they serve.

Why choose a leadership and integrative studies degree?

No matter which degree you are interested in, the faculty of leadership and interdisciplinary studies will offer students a challenging and rewarding experience.

Flexibility to Explore your Interests

Interdisciplinary and 21st Century Skill Sets

Projects with Professional Applications

Meet the Leadership and Integrative Studies faculty 

Through any Leadership and Integrative Sudiesyou will have the opportunity to interact with renowned faculty with diverse backgrounds who are committed to leadership studies. The intellectual diversity of our faculty ensures graduate students will participate in offerings that are unique, nationally recognized, and supported by Arizona State University’s commitment to innovation. The graduate faculty are committed to your success and would like to recognize your efforts that bring you to the Organizational Leadership graduate program!

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Leadership and Integrative Studies faculty by the Numbers


45 full-time faculty that teach in LIS programs


More than 30 books published by LIS faculty in a variety of disciplines


$4.6 million received from 39 different grants

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interdisciplinary studies BA

Interdisciplinary Studies BA

Organizational Leadership MS

Organizational Leadership MS

Liberal Studies MLS

Liberal Studies MLS

Organizational Leadership BA

Organizational Leadership BA

Liberal Studies BA

Liberal Studies BA

Organizational Leadership (Project Management) BA

Organizational Leadership (Project Management) BA

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