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Certificate or Interdisciplinary Studies (BA) Concentration

LGBT Certificate Academic Advising


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LGBT Certificate Additional Contacts

Casey Self
LGBT Certificate Advising Coordinator

Frederick C. Corey, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

The undergraduate certificate and the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies is offered by the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies, administered through the College of Public Service and Community Solutions.


Students interested in admission to the certificate program should meet with an LGBT Certificate academic advisor in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts as soon as possible in order to complete a certificate declaration form, and to select courses that most appropriately meet students’ individual needs.  

GPA Requirements

All ASU undergraduate students in good academic standing are qualified for admission. All courses taken in the certificate or BIS concentration must be completed with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better.


Twelve credit hours in the certificate must be completed at Arizona State University. Students with transfer credits that may be eligible for inclusion in the certificate should meet with an advisor in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

Overrides and Course Restrictions

Overrides, prerequisites, co-requisites, and other restrictions for individual courses are determined by the academic school, department, program, or unit offering the course. Please contact the department or instructor offering the course for authorization procedures.

Total Hours

15 Credit Hours for Certificate (minimum 12 upper division credit hours)

18 Credit Hours for Interdisciplinary Studies concentration area (minimum 12 upper division credit hours)

Required Courses

1. SWU 180 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies will be taught once each fall and spring semester. Currently, this course is available as an internet only class for all ASU in-person students.

This course, and the certificate in general, is not available to ASU Online students at this time.

There are currently two additional courses students may take in place of SWU 180.

  • SWU 461: LGBTQ Issues

  • TEL 494 Topic: Diversity

2. Capstone ExperienceAll students will complete a 3-credit capstone experience after completing a minimum of 9 credit hours in the certificate program. The capstone experience will be supervised by any member of the faculty approved by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Committee. The capstone experience should be an internship, community service project, or research apprenticeship that integrates curricular activities with each student’s unique interests. The capstone experience should be based in principles of use-inspired, transformative research or creative activity that bridges the student’s curriculum with lived experiences of LGBT communities. Ideally, the capstone experience integrates theory with experience, scholarship with change, and/or research with outcomes.  All capstone proposals must be submitted and approved prior to the first day of classes for semester the capstone course will be completed.  

See details regarding the capstone proposal process

Elective Hours

9 upper division Credit Hours for Certificate
12 Credit Hours (9 need to be upper division) for Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration

Students may choose electives from the list posted each semester (see below). Other courses could also qualify, depending on the student course project(s), for possible approval of alternative courses, see a certificate advisor.

ELECTIVESSpring 2018
AFR/APA/CDE/SOC 350  Inequality and Diversity in EducationX
AFR/FAS 370 Family, Ethnic and Cultural DiversityX
AFR 375 Race, Gender and SportX
AFR/JUS//WST 394 Topic: Gender and Hip HopX
AMS/ETH/WST 380 Race, Gender, and ClassX
APA 330/WST 331 Asian Pacific American Genders and SexualitiesX
APA 345 Asian Pacific Americans and FilmX
ARB 341 Quran Text and WomenX
CDE 498 Topic: Bullying and VictimizationX
CED 591 Topic: Counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, TransgenderX
COM 316 Gender and CommunicationX
COM 394 Topic: Beauty Pageants: Race, Gender, Identity & MediaX
COM 421 Rhetoric of Social IssuesX
COM 442 Identity, Performance, and Human CommunicationX
COM 446 Performance of Literature Written by WomenX
COM 464 Communicative SexualitesX
CRJ 305 Gender, Crime and Criminal JusticeX
CRJ 406 Sex Crimes X
CRJ 515 Seminar in Women and CrimeX
DNP 617 Mgt Complex&Chronc Disease WmX
ENG 345 Topic: Transgender and Intersex Literature and FilmX
ENG 364 Topic: Unruly Voices or Women in LiteratureX
ENG 401 Topic: Queer Lives, Queer TheoryX
ENG/WST 494/ MAS 598 Topic: Gender, Culture and LiteracyX
ENG 604 Topic: Postcolonial Sexuality StudiesX
EPA 691 Topic: Race, Class & GenderX
ETH/WST 394 Topic: Race, Sexuality, & Social Justice MovementsX
FAS 332 Human SexualityX
FMS 375 LGBTV: TV and SexualityX
FMS 380 Race and Gender in Am FilmX
HON 394 Topic: Feminism and Western MasculinityX
HST 328 Women in US History, 1880-1980X
HST 361 Witchtcraft and Heresy in EuropeX
JHR 598/LAS 430 Topic: Gender on the BorderlandsX
JUS 365 Inequality and Diversity in EducationX
KOR 350 Women of KoreaX
LAS 340/WST 341 Latin American Women WritersX
LSC 363 Genes, Race, Gender & SocietyX
LSC/PSY/PTX 369 Biology of Human SexualityX
MCO 460  Race, Gender, and MediaX
MCO 473  Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass MediaX
MIC 314 HIV/AIDS: Science, Behavior, and SocietyX

OGL 350 Diversity in Organizations

NOTE: Student must pick LGBT focus for course project and OK w/Cert advisor                                                                                                                                                                                            

PSY 385 Psychology of GenderX
PSY 394 Topic: Foundations of Human Sexual BehaviorX
REL 374 Witchcraft and Heresy in EuropeX
REL/WST 390 Women, Gender and ReligionX
SBS 301 Cultural DiversityX
SOC 424 Women and HealthX
SPA 537 Women in Spanish LiteratureX
SWU 374 Diversity and Oppression in a Social Work ContextX
SWU 461/561 LGBTQ IssuesX
TCL/WST 490 Trnsbrdr Queer PerformativityX
THP 582 Theatre for Social ChangeX
TSS 598 Topic: Transborder Queer PerformativityX
WST 300 Women and Gender in Contemporary SocietyX
WST 313 Women and SexualityX
WST 335 Lost in Space: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Science FictionX
WST 345 Gender, Religion, and Global ViolenceX
WST 365 Women Int'l HealthX
WST 371 Sex and the CityX
WST 374 Desperate HousewivesX
WST 377 History of American Feminist ThoughtX
WST 394 Topic: MasculinitesX
WST 394 Topic: Gendered MigrationsX
WST 413 Queer StudiesX
WST 460 Women and the BodyX