Antiracism Textbook Taskforce

The Antiracism Textbook Taskforce (ATTF) aims to ferret out racism, implicit racist bias, ethnocentrism, microaggressions, and other structural or disciplinary social justice issues in scholastic textbooks currently being utilized at the junior high and high school educational levels. The goal of the task force is to provide publishers (and perhaps local schools) antiracist information and suggestions about textbooks used in schools (both locally and nationally). The secondary goal is to help publishers identify problematic textbooks in order that they be revised. Additionally, the ATTF may serve local area schools and school districts in an advisory role, vetting their textbook choices and offering some assurances that textbooks are antiracist, even providing recommendations about textbooks (however, no recommendations for textbook adoptions). 

The Antiracism Textbook Taskforce membership and charge

The Antiracism Textbook Taskforce (ATTF) is a nine-member taskforce composed of educators working for ASU's College of Integrative Sciences and Arts, and/or Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Members of the ATTF are appointed for three years by CISA's Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion. The rotating chair of the taskforce is also appointed for three years.

The ATTF is an aspect of CISA’s drive to further Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DEISJ) in local and global communities. The ATTF is organized under the auspices of the ASU CISA College Inclusion Committee, which is overseen by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Asao B. Inoue. Members of the ATTF locate and assess locally or nationally used junior high- and high school-level textbooks from major publishers, examining them for racism, implicit racial and other biases, ethnocentrism, and other structural or disciplinary social justice issues in text or images. 


List of charges

  • Conduct monthly meetings that engage members in the work of the taskforce.

  • Consult with or reach out to local junior high schools and/or high schools to both receive lists of current textbooks used and offer findings of textbooks reviewed by the taskforce.

  • Review and write a short informative report for local high schools and publishers on each textbook reviewed; the short report will consist of a set of observations about DEISJ issues and a set of recommendations for the publisher to consider in future editions of the textbook; the report will also offer a clear assessment of where the textbook falls as an antiracist and socially just offering for students and schools. 

  • Review at least two textbooks in any calendar year in different disciplines (e.g. social sciences, humanities, or sciences), preferably rotating through each discipline.

  • Provide an annual report by the end of each spring semester to CISA’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion on activities completed in the calendar year.


List of members

  • Dr. Joshua Kane, Founding Chair: ASU CISA Lecturer, Social Science  

  • Roy Tatem: Board Member, East Valley NAACP; ASU CISA Graduate Student

  • Karen Stewart - Director of Evangelism and Discipleship, First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix

  • Other members to be determined.


Want to get involved?

For questions regarding the Antiracism Textbook Taskforce, please contact the chair, Dr. Joshua Kane 

To get involved, review the Call for Participation

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